• Does taking supplements replace the need for a diet that is balanced and healthy?

    Supplements should never replace healthy and balanced food but to help to boost your body and its needs. 

  • How do I know what supplements I need?

    We offer integrative consultation and we can have your blood work tested to determine what supplements would be a good fit.  

  • What are dietary supplements?

    A dietary supplement is a product that is taken orally which also contains a dietary ingredient which is intended to supplement the diet. In that category are vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals and amino acids. 

  • How can I be sure that the supplements are safe?

    Manufacturers are by law responsible to ensure that their supplements are safe before they are marketed. Dietary supplements are not reviewed by the government before being available to the market, unlike drug products.  

  • Who needs vitamins and supplements?

    There can be many reasons why you could need vitamins and supplements. Some of the reasons could be pregnancy, breast feeding, age, some diets, food allergies, medical conditions to name a few. As always we recommend you to book a consultation so we can determine your exact needs. 

  • What are the most important products for my skin?

    These three things are essential for a good skincare regimen: a good cleanser, a good moisturizer and sunscreen. 

  • What different skin types are there and how do I know what mine is?

    There are a few different skin types; normal, oily, dry, combination and sensitive. If you don't know your skin type we recommend you to contact us and talk to our esthetician who can help you determine what your skin type is. 

  • At what age is it good to start with anti-aging products?

    As a general rule is to start with anti-aging products in your 20's. If you take preventive steps in your 20's, you will have fresh and young looking skin in the long run. 

  • How do I know what skin products I should use?

    Everyone has different skin and needs. We recommend you contact us and talk to our esthetician and together see what fits your needs.